Cara Bermain ClipClaps Aplikasi Penghasil Dollar

I have a dollar-producing application for you, what is the name of the application?

Let's watch and read carefully, don't miss anything. Because step by step to get dollar / coin is faster I will explain.
The first step, you can download the CLIPCLAPS application on Playstore / iOS for free, open the application, you can log in, you can use your google / facebook account, don't forget to enter the clap code 4618660023 to get 1 $ free. The application image is like this: 

What are clipclaps?
Clipsclap is a $ earning application in no time, in this clipclaps application you can watch funny, romantic, drama videos, etc. Upload the video yourself / you can take it from YouTube. How do I upload it?
You can search for the profile menu / me, you just have to click upload the video, the location is at the bottom right of your screen on the menu, you can upload funny / comedy videos, etc. You can also take videos from YouTube.
You can click on the phone's home button, look for the YouTube application, then look for the video that you want to upload in the Clipclaps application. You must first copy the YouTube link that you watch and want to share in the Clipclaps application. It's finished, it's simple
What do you get to watch videos on clipclaps?
You only get a chest, the contents of which you can open later depending on the color of the chest.
Gold contains dollar tickets, clapcoin, amazone tickets, later you collect dollar tickets up to 20 on dollar tickets, there is a main prize, some are 1 $ and some are 10 $. that you want to scratch for example 1 $ means the main prize is 1 $ if you are lucky too
Is that the only way to play it? Of course not
There is another mission to add clapcoin coffers, you can see in the bounty task menu there are many choices of missions, where I can search for bounty tasks, just click on the gift menu / chest later on there is a bounty task menu you just click later a menu will appear as shown below:

If you have found a menu like the image above, you can read the mission first to get clapcoin, the amount of clapcoin depends on the mission you choose, make sure you read carefully so that you can successfully carry out the mission, usually just tell to install the application and run the application easily the mission is difficult depending on the number of clapcoins that will be obtained later
Usually, those with lots of clapcoin are game applications, the problem is that you have to install and run the application, the tasks are rather complicated, for example we have to level up first depending on the application's mission too, you guys first read the assignments.
For example, if you are already on a mission but don't get clapcoin, the usual clipclaps application takes time to review your mission, whether it's been successful or not, if for example you don't get the clapcoin you can screen shot the mission application as proof that you have installed the application and run it.
Here is how to get clapcoin fast and a lot per 100,000 coins can be exchanged for 1 $
And I have got 10 $ in this application, it is proven to pay, you can draw at least 10 $ to a paypal account / exchange for pulses too.
For those of you who are interested in playing clipclaps above, there is my clap code so you can get 1 $ cash directly into your clipclaps account.
For those of you who like to chat in the Clipclaps application, there is a challenge with a prize of 200 $
For the current challenge, you can see the image below:

I apologize for not including the pictures one by one in my opinion it is complete, you just have to install the application and run it according to what I told you above.