Cara Mencadangkan Pesan WhatsApp

 How To Back Up WhatsApp Messages

We often look for whatsapp personal messages that are important are deleted when changing cellphones, there may be files / images that are important in whatsapp messages, but don't be afraid to message your personal whatsapp files / images so that they still exist when changing cellphones, how come it's easy to back up whatsapp messages.
You enter the whatsapp application, click the dots with 3 at the top right of the whatsapp application then click settings / settings.
After you click on your settings, select the chat menu, in that menu you will find the display and chat settings you can see in the chat settings menu there is an image like this:

You choose the cloud image, there is an up arrow whose name is chat backup
Later you will find a menu like this:

You click on backup to download messages, whatsapp files / images in this menu I recommend using wifi to save data because the size is quite large depending on the message, file / image.
Where can I find the files / images that have been backed up?
This is where the messages / pictures are backed up:
 Do not look for it in the gallery because there won't be any of your pictures that have been backed up.

the image above is a whatsapp image you just click, that's where the whatsapp backup image / video is. maybe the photos in the gallery that are sent via WhatsApp on the cellphone that you used to be will be completely saved if one day you buy a new cellphone.
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