Cara Mengetahui Penyimpanan Dan Data Whats App

 How To Find Whats App Storage And Data

For whats app users, of course, you are familiar with receiving or sending messages, videos, status, photos.

But how do you know in more detail about the message sent, whether it's a video, a photo.

You just have to click on the point with the number 3 above the top right corner then select the 'settings' menu then select -> storage and data.

Storage of files, videos, photos sent via WhatsApp will show all sizes of used and empty memory data.
For video videos sent / received via WhatsApp message will appear under used / empty data, where you can review and delete items / videos. Below it is the 'Chat' menu

In the 'Chat' menu you will know what types are received / sent private / group messages whether it is in the form of videos, voice notes, pictures.
You can see each of them, for example in group 'A' there are photos that are downloaded / sent, all of them will be visible.
You don't need to look for whatsapp messages in the group, look for them one by one because they have been overwritten by the previous message.

Data network data base that has been used while the whats app application is installed and used on the cellphone that 'sent' how many MB and how many MB 'received'
Below is a data base:
- incoming-outgoing calls -> 60 MB for example, outgoing -> 90 MB
- Media, sent -> 500MB-out -> 400MB
- Google Drive, sent -> 500MB-out -> 400MB
- Message, sent -> 500MB-out -> 400MB
- Setatus, sent -> 500MB-received -> 400MB


Good luck for those of you who don't know, and who already know, tell us the shortcomings. Thank you.

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