Cara Memprkecil Ukuran Mb Photo

 How To Reduce The Size / Mb Of Photo

Many have difficulty applying online to upload files but the type / size does not match what was requested.

Some are too large in MB size, some are asked for the JPEG format.

In this online era, we have to prepare photo files, identity cards, etc. Why do you have to prepare?

Because now applying for jobs, making files, listing everything online. We have to prepare an umbrella before it rains.
Therefore, I have an application that makes your photos can be reduced in size and the format can be changed, the size of your identity card / file photo is 4MB to any size, except for the limit, yes, the format can also be changed how come the first time PNG became JPEG.
In my opinion, this is important for those of you who want to apply to companies through online registrations or who want to make files but must register online, because we have to fill in the type of file that we are going to upload to what the company wants, whether it's MB / JPEG format.

For those of you who don't know how to reduce the MB size / change the format, please listen carefully because I will explain it easily and simply.

Pertama yang harus kalian siapkan :
- Poto yang akan di perkecil ukuranya/mengganti format
- Aplikasi Lit Photo bisa kalian download di playstore

Then how to use it is quite easy, you can open the application that is already installed, there you will find 3 menus later:

COMPRESS PHOTO: this is the most important part to reduce / change the format because that's where you can reduce / change the format later, not only that the quality can be 100% when reducing / changing the format so it won't have an effect even though the photo size has been reduced but The quality of the photos is guaranteed intact
RESIZE PHOTO: To widen / enhance the photo you want to edit
CROP PHOTO: Of course it is familiar to Android cellphone users, cutting the top and side photos.

Here is an example from me in the COMPRESS PHOTO menu

CLOSING : You can try the rest yourself. Hopefully this information is useful for you.

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