Cara Mendapatkan Dollar Bermain MiniJoy

 How To Get Dollars For Playing The MiniJoy Application

Before running the application, I gave an explanation about the MiniJoy application
What is MiniJoy? MiniJoy is a fast dollar-making application and the results are decent, not only that in the MiniJoy application, you can play games and get dollars, of course, while playing / raising animals according to your zodiac, of course it's fun to play games / raise and earn dollars.
For those who are interested, I advise you, first, remember the code that runs your dollar application is not empty.

Download the app:
This is the application link
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How the MiniJoy application works.
-login using social media / google account
-produces eggs and when we have spawned we click to get 0.01 $ per egg, the number of which is 5
-play the game and get ranked 1,2,3 in order to get bigger dollars, try to keep your rankings from being shifted by other players because there is 1H time for other players to catch up with your warnings
-play sweet sugar and reach lv500 bonus 30 $
And there are many other options.
Here is how the MiniJoy application works

MiniJoy application mission.
-The prize pool is 1500 $
-download the application and run the mission
Each application varies the number of joycoins so that the mission is accomplished perfectly and you get your joy coins, read each application of your choice the mission of the mission for example:
Download the west game application, what are the missions?
-open the west game application
-reach town center lv. 16
-get a gift
Here are the missions of the MiniJoy application.

I think my explanation is enough about the MiniJoy application, I thank you for reading it and don't forget to subscribe.

Don't be in a hurry because I will tell you an application that is not much different from the MiniJoy application, the way it works is almost similar
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